Carl Redwood stands atop a hill looking at the camera. He is a Black man with grey hair and a grey beard wearing glasses and a brown shirt. Behind him is a view of the city, neighborhoods in District 10, with the skyline of downtown in the background.

Carl Redwood, Jr. is a community organizer, social worker, teacher, union member, intersectional feminist, a revolutionary Black nationalist and a socialist who has participated in various organizing efforts on local, national and international levels.

Carl’s passion for the Hill District and community organizing comes from his father, Carl Redwood, Sr., who worked to organize throughout the Hill District for many years with Hill City, the Center Avenue YMCA, The Neighborhood Youth Corps and Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Carl began organizing in the 1970’s with the Pittsburgh chapter of the African Liberation Support Committee, the Third World Peoples Coalition and the Black Action Society at Pitt. He worked as an organizer with the Homestead Unemployed Center / Rainbow Kitchen and the Garfield Rowhouse Tenant’s Association. He also served as Campaign Coordinator for the 1984 Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign.

During the 1990’s, Carl served as Associate Director of Hill House and later served as Program Director at Kingsley House.

Carl co-founded the Hill District Consensus Group in 1996 and remains a Board Member, and Carl served as Chairperson of the One Hill Community Benefits Agreement Coalition.

Carl was an organizer on USW staff for Pittsburgh faculty organizing campaigns, and he taught Community Organizing at the Pitt School of Social Work for over 20 years.

Carl currently serves as the Project Director of the Pittsburgh Black Worker Center and serves on the board of the following organizations:

  • Pittsburgh United
  • Abolitionist Law Center
  • Hill District Consensus Group
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